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Conditions of use

The Department of Education network (the network) is provided only to authorised users and only for official schooling and work purposes.

Your use of the network (including internet and email) is logged, may be monitored, and where potentially unlawful conduct is detected, referred to law enforcement agencies.

Students - please refer to the Student Code of Conduct for your obligations and the consequences of non-compliance, or ask your teacher for more information.

Staff - you must comply with the Code of Conduct, Standard of Practice and department policies and procedures. You must not access systems or use information if you are not authorised to do so. You must not access records for personal interest. Unauthorised access and misuse of information may result in you being charged with an offence, e.g. under section 408E of the Criminal Code (Qld), and disciplinary and professional consequences (such as loss of employment and cancellation of registration).